The Time is NOW!
The Great Social Media Take Back!

I am an American! I will stand up for the Constitution of the United States and its First Amendment, which protects "We The People" and our rights to think and express our thoughts, and it's time to take it back! Its time to cancel or deactivate social media platforms that censor!

No To Censor


Facebook censors your posts, and censors the posts of others. They are trying to "protect" you from getting the information they deem incorrect.

Cancel FB


Our First Amendment protects freedom of speech. Twitter censors speech with warning labels with political bias,freezes/deletes accounts and content without warning.

Cancel Twitter


Adam Schiff can post about the Russian Collusion, but the President can't post his views without the deplorable warning label.

Cancel Instagram

We act now or give up our freedom!

Fight back by cancelling your censored social media accounts!

These tech giants think that they have you, and you cannot live without them. They think they are so powerful with their AI's that they can control you and can turn your patriotism into socialism.

They want us to forget, but we will NEVER FORGET. We are Americans and we will stand up for our rights!

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2.6 Billion


Yes you see it right. 2.6 Billion users with a "B". Even more impressive is 1.76 Billion use the account every day!

330 Million


Though it is no where near FB the number of users almost equals the entire population of the United States!

112 Million


Zuckerburg paid $1B for yet another way to for his AI's to collect your data!

How to cancel your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to send a clear message!

Be a part of the Great American Social Media Take back. Cancel your accounts NOW!

Big Tech  has crossed the line!

Patriotic Alternatives

You might think you are dependent upon Facebook and Twitter. But you are not! Remember MySpace? Gone. Facebook took its place. When Facebook is gone, something new, better and more patriotic will come.  With a lesson learned.

Don't mess with the US!
Twitter Alternative Mastodon
Facebook Alternatives


USA.Life Jump in with a company built to fulfill the need to take over for those not wanting a clearly leftist social media censoring monopolistic platform. USA.Life has a flag like icon, as well as a cross. How is that for free speech and patriotism? Ready to sign up and take your "Facebook" friends with you?

USA.Life Social Media
Twitter Alternatives


DONE with Twitter censorship, enter Parler! Free speech at its core. The company's aim is to "Uphold the rights of free speech according to the US Constitution". Ditch Twitter and you will never go back.

Mastodon is a decentralized platform but similar to Twitter. The decentralized architecture and Open Source demeanor keeps any  one person or company from downright censoring. Though users can be blocked by individual users they cannot be removed by anyone.  

To Deactivate Facebook

1. Backup your Photos First

If you have photos you have uploaded on your account. You can download them, but you will lose all the meta-data that you had on them that will allow you to get organize them say by date or location. Facebook keeps your meta-data but no you don't get it back! But you can use their Download Your Information tool. Here:

Get Your Stuff

2. Delete Facebook Permanently

Want to say Bye Bye to Facebook? Well you can Delete your account by following this link and chose the Delete Account Option.

Delete Facebook Account

Facebook Alternative

MeWe and USA.Life are similar platforms to Facebook without the political ties. Time to take back the power take your friends with you!

Go to USA.Life now.

Go to MeWe now.

To Deactivate Instagram

To Deactivate Instagram

Yes, Facebook owns Instagram. You can close that account too.

Bye Bye Instagram

To Deactivate Twitter

Twitter tracks, your tweets, retweets, location, language, your IP, device type, content you have read. Asks you for additional information in your account like email address, phone number, address book contacts, and a public profile. Twitter knows your age, language and other signals to show you mre relevant content. "Twitter always shares information with business partners as a way to run and improve its products." Its all here.  See the Free Speech Online Campaign from 2018. Censoring was raised at that time. "Social media companies are censoring views and deleting accounts haphazardly, often in response to political tides rather than rule breaches, effectively playing judge and jury with our rights."

With Twitter there is a bit less data to deal with than Facebook. You do have an option to download your Twitter Archive here.

To deactivate your account you can find the instructions on the link below.

Bye Bye Twitter

Twitter Alternative

Parler at is a similar platform to Twitter without the political ties and censorship where everyone and FREE SPEECH is at its foundation.Time to take back the power take your friends with you!

Mastodon is yet another. Check out what a privacy policy should, look like. Mastodon 

Go to Parler now.